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NAGESCO material handling equipment offers simple operating features, which includes:

  • Integration with crane cab controls for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic cargo release
  • High visibility of cargo during handling
  • Accessibility of components for ease of maintenance
  • Highly visible colour coded markings on the control panel and on the equipment for ease of operation
  • All electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control circuits are designed in house
  • All control panels and boxes are stainless steel weatherproof enclosures and are designed in house
  • Radio control option is available on all our equipment

Non-Availability of Power Supply For Pulp and Lumber Handling Equipment:
If a crane has no power supply to its hook or lower pulley, manual release of the hooks on these frames can be achieved by using high-pressure nitrogen. Our equipment can be fitted with easily accessible manually operated valves, one mounted on each side of the frame. We can also supply battery powered radio control for use with nitrogen.

Semi-Automatic Air Operated Hooks:
The hooks are simple in design, robust, safe and reliable. The important safety feature of these hooks is that they can not be released until the cargo has been landed and there is no load on the hook.

NAGESCO under hook material handling equipment provides increased efficiency and cost reduction, through:

  • Reliability
  • Reduced down time due to equipment failure
  • Increased payload because of improved strength to weight ratio
  • Increased loading cycle through ease of handling
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Spare parts are readily available worldwide

NAGESCO allows the customer flexibility of design and construction of its equipment, plus provides long and trouble free service, through:

  • In house design and fabrication
  • Equipment built to customers' specifications
  • Detailed easy to follow troubleshooting charts to aid service personnel in fault finding.
  • Stainless steel weatherproof enclosures for electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Fully welded and sealed construction
  • Heavy duty paint finishes to customers' colour specifications
  • Forklift tubes for ease of handling during transport and moving of equipment
  • Utility hooks for handling dunnage and can also be used for deck lashing
  • Method of attachment made to customer's specifications
  • Quality Assurance.

NAGESCO assures their customers receive the highest quality products through the implementation of the Company Quality Assurance Program as recommended by the International Standard Organization, and through Canadian Welding Bureau certification

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